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Reports | P-FiM



1 - Drought Resilience - Community Perspective - Wajir Kenya 2013
[scribd id=223673132 key=key-WomPXSHBjV3qa8oUYMhi mode=scroll]
2 - Drought Resilience - Findings - Recommended Actions 2013
[scribd id=223674287 key=key-VbAgotif7QNQpTMDqW6h mode=scroll]
3 - Drought Resilience - Annex 4
[scribd id=223674368 key=key-20UAcQ81EGWjXYo8IBRV mode=scroll]
South Sudan EiE Impact Report 2013
[scribd id=223674474 key=key-MnVKCX7FGGNW8BmGlIZw mode=scroll]
WFP Senegal - R4 Process Evaluation Report
[scribd id=223674678 key=key-pnqbI50C8No3aDyipzcr mode=scroll]


ACT Alliance Haiti Evaluation 2012
[scribd id=223675259 key=key-k2qMTPLYo1H5wbBslWub mode=scroll]
FAO Kenya - East Pokot Report June 2012
[scribd id=223675076 key=key-T0W5RlbMKw9nKHpp6bnT mode=scroll]
FAO Kenya - Mwingi Report June 2012
[scribd id=223675432 key=key-xxjFEXSYQ00FlWHZWD4H mode=scroll]
FAO Kenya - Turkana Report June 2012
[scribd id=223675557 key=key-S7giYmKPdOwT2asfubg4 mode=scroll]
Final NCA - Burundi Report July 2012
[scribd id=223675697 key=key-Jhgg8Vu5Cr53M1TRQ0qd mode=scroll]


Darfur Assessment 2011
[scribd id=223675870 key=key-iRJnyvsXOQGlTI5dbief mode=scroll]
SCF_CARE Haiti Evaluation
[scribd id=223675961 key=key-7XPACYSSe1Xk6NIMB7k4 mode=scroll]
UNHCR CBRP South Sudan Evaluation
[scribd id=223676130 key=key-kxE21dk00Bi4zZ0Lbpt1 mode=scroll]
Giving a Voice to Ivorian Refugees and Host Communities
[scribd id=223676230 key=key-AOLCTP1CBLqEC4o76O6j mode=scroll]